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Posted November 20, 2023 at 6:20 am

. . . I just realized that this is an accidental inversion of the first chapter of Strange Case: instead of Hyde trampling on a child, a child has trampled on Mr. Hyde.

Also, I am concerned people will not remember these characters, as they've been out of the comic for several years in IRL time! They're Alice Liddell (and her acrobats), Countess Carmilla, and the Nameless High Priest, all of whom Hyde owes money to. They're minor characters last seen in Chapter 10.

Pre-order update!: All the pre-order gift rewards are officially sent out! (Except for the handful I wasn't able to verify addresses for.) Thanks so much to everyone for your patience in receiving your gifts! And as a reminder: I do not control shipments of the books themselves. Some people have experienced trouble receiving their pre-order books from Amazon--the method I've found most successful in that case is to try cancelling and placing a new order. (This will not affect your eligibility for pre-order gifts.)

Street team competition: Woah, a major upset this week!! Team Hyde blazes past team Jekyll with a whopping 69%. Nice. By the way, thanks to everyone who's been joining in each week, I'm so happy to see we're still going strong!

If you'd like to join the fight, CLICK HERE!