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Story and Characters

Q: When and where does The Glass Scientists take place?

1885, London!

Q: Which voice actors would fit the TGS characters?

Embarrassingly, I have a hard time keeping track of actors! I have a strong idea of what the characters sound like in my head but would have a tough time pinning them down to any specific real life person. I'm afraid I'm going to have to rely on my readers for suggestions on this one! 

Q: What are the characters’ accents?

Jekyll has a native Glasgow accent but taught himself to speak standard Received Pronunciation (a.k.a. the most generic British accent). He can alter his accent to match his conversation partner (that is to say, he would speak much more casually with Jasper than with a wealthy patron).

Hyde has the same accent as Jekyll but often adopts a kind of East London accent in order to blend in with his surroundings–he wants to be perceived as a native of the London underworld, not some rich boy slumming his way through Whitechapel. He doesn’t have nearly as much practice with his new accent as Jekyll with his RP, and he slips up from time to time.

Lanyon speaks with High RP (posh standard accent), Jasper speaks with a fairly heavy West Country accent, and Rachel speaks with a mix of East London and something distinctly non-English that no one can quite identify. The Lodgers come from all over the place and have brought their native accents with them.

Q: How tall are the main characters?

Height charts are one of one thousand things that I meant to do before starting this comic but forgot about! I am terrible at keeping track of character sizes. The best I can give you is a rough height guide in the form of a logic problem: Lanyon is the tallest. Jekyll is a little bit shorter than Lanyon. Hyde is shorter than Jekyll and about the same height as Rachel (not that he’d ever admit it). Jasper is taller than Hyde but shorter than Jekyll. The Creature is massive, about twice Jekyll’s height, and Frankenstein is a bit shorter than Jasper.

Q: How old are the main characters?

Again, these are rough estimates because I can’t get my shit together: Jekyll/Hyde is 35, Lanyon is 38, Rachel is 25, Jasper is 21, Frankenstein is 55, the Creature is 37.

Q: What are your characters’ birthdays/blood types/MBTI types/etc.?

Oh my gosh that is way too expert level for me!! Sorry!! I don’t know!! If anyone has any suggestions, you are more than welcome to them, but I’m drawing a blank.

Q: I found an old piece of artwork / Tumblr ask where you refer to one of your characters as a different gender! What’s that about?

The genders of certain characters have shifted over the years I had been developing TGS. Unfortunately, I can neither confirm nor deny the changes I have made because Spoilers. I realize this is super confusing, and it and just goes to show that I am basically incapable of keeping important story information under wraps. Sorry, guys!

Q: I think you got some of your facts wrong about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. . . .

I have actually been obsessed with Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for over a decade now (embarrassing). I know way, way too much about this tiny little story. I’ve put a lot of thought into most decisions I’ve made regarding my interpretation of the characters, and I would be happy to explain my thought process if you want to shoot me an ask or an email.

Q: I think you got some of your historical facts wrong . . .

Oh gosh. I probably did get a lot wrong. I really suck at research, guys (I try! I just really suck.), and if you spot something that looks off, do let me know! But please also keep in mind that this is an “alternative history” story that does take certain liberties with the time period, especially in regards to scientific progress. This is not to say that real Victorian scientists didn’t do some insane shit, because they totally did and it was awesome.

Q: You do realize “Dr.” Frankenstein wasn’t actually a doctor of anything, right?

Yep! There’s a reason that Frankenstein’s history in particular is stretched and distorted in the first few chapters of TGS.