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Posted March 8, 2021 at 6:20 am

Oh hey! Look! Literary references! This comic has those!

These guys are a callback to a very, very quick moment in Chapter 9 when we saw the Bazaar for the first time. From left to right, we have Countess Karnstein, the heavily-lesbian-coded vampire from the novella Carmilla (available for free online!), a very silly circus-inspired take on Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and the Church of Starry Wisdom from the H.P. Lovecraft-verse. I was impressed to find that someone guessed their identities just from their shoes, but it's okay if you don't remember them. (I think. Hopefully I didn't totally miscalculate how this moment would land.) For the purposes of this story beat, it's only important to know that: They were exhibitors at the Bazaar, and Hyde's antics caused them to lose a lot of money. 

Shop news: I finally received a new shipment of charms! I still have to assemble them, but they should be available in the shop in a couple weeks! Sorry for the wait!!