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Posted November 13, 2023 at 6:20 am

Pre-order update!: Okay. So. I was on schedule to finish mailing out the last of the pre-orders by the end of last week, but the universe had other plans--I've been struck down with some kind of stomach virus that has kept me in bed for several hours a day and limited my food intake to bread and yogurt.

With that said, I am so close to being done--I just have to mail out the remaining 200 or so packages and finish sorting through the short stack of packages that have been returned for one reason or another.

By the way, everyone commenting has been really kind about the delays and encouraging me to rest when I can, but I know a lot of readers don't check the blog posts because I've gotten quite a few messages from pre-order backers asking after their gifts. If you happen to see someone worried about the state of their pre-order rewards, please let them know about these updates! I don't want anyone to think I've forgotten them.

The results of this week's street team competition are in! If you'd like to join the fight, CLICK HERE!