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Posted July 22, 2024 at 6:20 am

It's easy to forget what's happening on individual pages when I'm just powering through each step of the comics pipeline--layout, roughs, inks, color prep, color, rinse, repeat--but this page is pretty wild, right?? We've been waiting over the course of this entire comic for Jekyll's secret to finally be revealed, but in the end, Frankenstein just breezes over it in her hurry to infodump about the neat science stuff behind it. In fact, you'll have to wait a little while longer to get Lanyon's reaction, because Frankenstein is just on such a completely different page from everyone else in the room and has zero patience for explaining herself properly. (But don't worry, you will get it . . . )

This morning, I thumbnailed the final page of The Glass Scientists. Don't worry, we're still over a year away from the end of the story, but it's still a weird feeling to know what the final image of this comic will be. It reminded me of the couple weeks when I was finishing my last student film at Calarts and carries with it a similar mix of relief, melancholy . . . and heat. Like, too-hot-to-go-outside, cancelling-plans-to-take-midday-exhaustion-nap level heat. Ugh. But in all seriousness, I just wanted to document this moment. Ten years of this comic!! Wild stuff.