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Chapter I
Posted February 12, 2015 at 10:16 pm
Alternate title for this chapter: 'Are you bored of drawing tiny fire yet?" In outline format, this chapter was called "Spooky Fun Things Happen at Night" which very much speaks to the mindset of our narrator (who comes off as a bit gothic and worldly in chapter one, but who is better described as "the sort of man who would say the word 'spooky' unironically." It is also a straightforward description of what happens in (the first half) of this chapter, which is good for outlining but a bit lackluster for a proper title. Unfortunately, a really good title never came to me, so now we are left with this weird sort-of pun. This story has nothing at all to do with The Wolf of Wall Street, which is a much spookier story on the subject of human nature than I could ever write, but it does have a literal wolf in it. Incidentally, recommended mood music: Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack