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Posted May 11, 2020 at 3:11 am

Okay, let's . . . ignore for the moment that there's no way Rachel could have tied the rope THAT many times around Hyde without him noticing. It should probably go around him just once. I also forgot to draw Hyde's hat for the entire page and had to add it in at the very end. This was the last page I drew before quarantine went into effect, so maybe some chaos just got into my head. 

Thanks to everyone for sharing their cat experience and expertise last week! Unfortunately I ended up getting absolutely slammed with work and wasn't able to respond, but I swear I am still planning to. Even if I don't, please know that I have read your comments and appreciate them very much. 

A bit of good news, knock-on-wood--we took Tanny to the animal eye specialist, and apparently the eye drops we've been giving him have reduced the swelling significantly. If it stays that way, we may be able to avoid surgery. He has a check-up in one month, so fingers crossed that things go well.