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Page 16
Posted July 25, 2016 by Sabrina Cotugno
Surprise! Turns out Hyde's color scheme looks friggin' ridiculous in bright lighting. Honestly every panel this jerk shows up in during this scene was a huge drama to color. I really enjoy writing light character scenes for Hyde, and he's a lot more fun to draw for comedy, but for some reason when I color him?? He looks so bad?? And if he looks anything besides bad on this page it's because I spent hours tweaking the crap out of his colors. My birthday is this week! It's the 27th of July and I will be 26. I'm not expecting to do anything too fancy--my current plan is to do a trip out someplace nice to catch some Pokemon, unless: A) Pokemon Go crashes forever before then or B) the Huntington Gardens catch fire. Either is a serious possibility and I should probably come up with a Plan B! I don't have a Plan B right now. My life is a mess.