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Page 17
Posted July 31, 2016 at 11:20 pm
There's a line I had to cut where Hyde explains that he did the custom "ragged edge" finish himself. It's his equivalent of fashionably-ripped jeans. Doing color work for this comic takes up soooo much time each week. It's a big reason why I'm still clocking in at around 20 hours per page, which is just as absurd, exhausting, and unsustainable as it has always been.¬†The annoying this is I don't even care too much about color! I tend to prefer¬†well-done, minimalist color/shading work over elaborate full-color work, so it's weird that coloring this comic has been such an ordeal for me. And like the only real reason this comic is full color is that my response to anxiety is to nitpick and over-detail everything to death. I keep meaning to do some comic research and find an alternate style of coloring that wouldn't take me a zillion hours per page, but because it takes me a zillion hours to make each page, I don't have time to find an alternate style. Lol omg why does anyone do webcomics?? This is exhausting.