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Page 15
Posted July 17, 2016 at 11:18 pm
I'm not sure why I gave Rachel the most detailed set in the entire story so far. I like designing kitchens! But it turns out that I like designing kitchens a lot more when I only have to draw them once and am not under some tight deadline. I think I was really sick when I drew these layouts? A couple continuity warnings:
  1. Certain background elements are going to move around in a liquidy fashion depending on the layout demands of each panel and how many fucks I had to give at the time of drawing/inking.
  2. I went a bit overboard with the smokey effects on the cookies--there's nothing supernatural and magical about the cookies, they're just supposed to look warm and appetizing. The smoke effects will disappear without explanation on the next page.
  3. Gradually, more and more oranges will begin creeping into the layouts! See if you can count them all!
I could probably make every single blog entry calling out the various continuity issues that pop up in each panel. Also, a quick housekeeping note: I appreciate that some commenters are pointing out when long comment threads should be moved off the official page thread and onto the roleplay forum. Please remember to keep casual conversations in the forum so that new commenters can participate in the comments section too!