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Posted June 6, 2022 at 6:20 am

Question: Does anyone know about Booktok? Or . . . Tiktok in general, really? I haven't picked up a new social media platform since Twitter in 2014, and I'm well aware that I'm far outside Tiktok's core demographic, but the first book of The Glass Scientists will be coming out in a little over a year, so I feel I ought to familiarize myself with the Booktok community.

I'm honestly super intimidated?? I've found myself posting less and less to social media, and while that's been good for my overall wellbeing, it's not great for My Brand (ain't that a sentence). My vague impression of Tiktok is that it's all about presenting yourself--a real life image of yourself, not text or drawings on a page--to your audience, something that I have arguably built my entire career around avoiding. I'm hoping I can adjust--I don't generally get stage fright, and I don't mind giving presentations or asserting myself at work--but the prospect of performing for an unseen audience/unknowable algorithm and the invisible workload of editing have kept me away until now.

With all that said, does anyone have any tips for someone who wants to dip their toes into Booktok/Tiktok? What's a good place to start, and what's a good way for a beginner to start engaging?