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Posted March 25, 2018 at 11:20 pm
I got an ask on Tumblr that I meant to reply to publicly but then I pressed the wrong button! So I am going to try to reproduce the answer here. The question was: Will Morcant (from Bleeding Heart) appear at some point in The Glass Scientists? I think she will! There's not an enormous amount of room for her in this already unnecessarily long comic, but I would like an opportunity to show off her true personality. When she is not recovering from almost bleeding to death, Morcant has what I would describe as a gym rat frat boy personality, and she travels around with her pack of equally gym ratty, frat boy-ish queer immortal lady werewolves. I would like to include her in the story, if only in the context of, "As if Jekyll doesn't have enough problems, now there's a pack of werewolves who won't stop catcalling him and loudly discussing the merits of his ass in public! Also they are naked and won't stop flexing." Caveat: the further along I get in writing this story, the more drastic the changes I've made to the original outline. I can't really say for sure if anything will be in the story until I get it down in thumbnails. (And I usually only have solid thumbnails for the specific chapter I am working on.)