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Page 15
Posted April 1, 2018 at 11:18 pm
Every once in a while I hit one of those pages where I think, "Well, this is it. This is the thing I just can't draw. Guess that's the end of the comic." This one hit me in two places: 1) the downshot perspective on the Lodgers (don't look at them too closely) and 2) the goddamn stairs (don't look at them too closely either). It's strange to complain about drawing such a difficult panel, given that I am also the writer and could just change what is happening in the panel, but I think a big, depth-heavy panel needed to happen at this point to sell exactly how badly Jekyll has lost control of the situation. And also to contrast with the long (probably too long) talky scene that immediately precedes it. Just as I'm writing this, I remembered that the original script called for the Lodgers to be carrying tons of lab equipment to adorn Frankenstein's makeshift mad scientist laboratory. Turns out I forgot.