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Posted March 18, 2018 at 11:20 pm
Extremely minor spoiler: Lanyon is going to come back into the story pretty soon, and something's been bugging me about him lately. Dr. Lanyon's first name in the original novella was Hastie, but in the Glass Scientists, it's Robert. I've gotten a couple people asking me why that is, and the truth is I'm not 100% sure. (It's about on par with "Why does Rachel have such an aggressively un-Victorian hairstyle?" It's just the way I've always drawn her.) He's mostly called Robert as a tribute to my college roleplay partner's character who shares the same first name, but I'm not actually sure why I grafted the name onto Lanyon. It's been about five years and I literally don't remember. And since it's also been quite a few years since I've been friends with my old roleplay partner, it's starting to feel a little weird that I'm still using the name. With that said, would it be super, super weird if I were to retroactively change Dr. Lanyon's full name to 'Hastie Lanyon'? I think Jekyll's only referred to him by his first name a couple times, but a retroactive change is still awkward no matter what. Thoughts? (As an aside, I know there's a fanfiction out there called 'The Strange Case of Dr. Lanyon and Mr. Hastie' and I realize that this change would kinda mess with that....sorry!)