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Posted July 5, 2021 at 6:20 am

I had a really hard time writing this section of the script, and it's because I have absolutely zero experience with passing and can't even really imagine it?? I'm not particularly interested in passing for cis, so I doubt I'll ever have Jasper's experience of coming out to a potential romantic partner, but it does bug me when I get ma'amed by strangers! Especially because those people are often intentionally trying to be as polite as possible! I think I need to cave and get a pronoun pin (which doesn't help when people are trying to get your attention from across the room!) but I think my ultimate grievance is that we don't have better gender-neutral ways to politely address strangers. (Then again, defaulting to gender-neutral language would be a bummer for binary trans folks who want to pass?? It's complicated.)