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Posted March 27, 2016 at 11:15 pm
And that concludes Chapter 2! Wow. It's been a long haul--this chapter's been going on for . . . what? Nine months? Honestly, I'm pretty surprised I made it through the haul of the mid-chapter, with all those detail-heavy Lodger rooms and character intros. And I'm really excited by the response I've been seeing to Hyde's introduction. Though I try not to think about how long, in real world time, it took to introduce him into the story. We're still in Act One, folks! We haven't even hit the inciting incident yet! So, Emerald City Comic Con is in less than two weeks and I am so not ready. It's only my second time taking a plane to a con, and for the last one (TCAF) I ended up underpacking to fit everything in one 50lb suitcase and sold out too early. I am almost certainly overcompensating this year--I've already over-filled one backpack to a whopping 67lbs and still have 50lbs of books that I have to ship. I guess I'm gonna UPS them? I hear you can "ship them to the con" and I'm dreaming of this fantasy in which my books will just magically show up at my table, but I sure haven't found any specific information on how to address the darn package. Current plan is to ship them to a nearby UPS station and dash out before the exhibit hall opens to pick them up. My booth number, by the way, is L12A! It's in the Artist Alley! I'll probably post a map of my location in the coming weeks. As of right now I myself have no idea where that is!