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Page 38
Posted March 20, 2016 at 11:15 pm
Guess where I am! Seattle! Well, by the time this page posts, I will be back in Los Angeles, but as I am writing this I am on on a plane to Seattle to visit my boyfriend's family. Apparently it's very cold, and I did not pack much more than a light jacket because I forgot to check the weather because I was too busy running yesterday because my life is a mess right now. But! Due to some very strange travel plans, I will be back in Seattle in two weeks because . . . I am going to be boothing at Emerald City Comic Con! I've heard nothing but good things, even though I am skeptical of big conventions (SDCC, ugh). I'll be posting more info in the coming weeks, but if you're attending, please swing by Artist Alley at (uh, booth number to come) and say hi! On the way back from ECCC I will be doing a roadtrip down the Pacific Coast--I've been psyched to go back to Big Sur for years, but I don't know much about the northern coast--from Washington to northern California. Anyone familiar with those areas?