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Chapter III
Posted April 3, 2016 at 11:09 pm
First things first! I wanted to provide y'all with a map for where I'm gonna be at ECCC this weekend! My booth number is L-12A in Artist Alley! TGS convention map image Oh, and if I forgot to mention it before, thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for my Pacific Coast trip after the con from Seattle to Los Angeles. Looks like it's gonna be a whole lot of natural beauty and . . . I'm really hoping . . . some good food. If anyone has any other suggestions for coastal adventures--or Portland adventures, since that's the one city I'm stopping in--let me know! Moving right along, today marks the start of Chapter III: The Good Intentions Paving Company, named after one of my favorite Joanna Newsom songs: And I regret, I regret-- How I said to you, honey, just open your heart When I got trouble even opening a honey jar And that right there is where we are This is a chapter about people trying to help other people. Results . . . to be seen.