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Posted February 14, 2022 at 6:20 am

This concludes Chapter 11 of The Glass Scientists! 

Important announcement: There will be no hiatus after this chapter! Please check back next Monday for your regularly scheduled update! I normally take a two-week break after each chapter to build up the queue, but since I've been doing extra work to accommodate my publishing schedule--essentially, I have to squeeze in an extra year's worth of work on top of my regularly scheduled comic work--the queue has been quite healthy lately! Thus, there shall be no more hiatuses for all time! Huzzah! I am very tired!

Also, it looks like this update will post on Valentine's Day! Anyone doing anything nice for the occasion? My partner and I usually cook shrimp scampi together. If I'm lucky, I'll actually be able to finish my comic work in time so that I'm not rushing my ass all over the place by dinner time, though admittedly I haven't had much luck in that department lately.