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Page 37
Posted March 13, 2016 at 11:15 pm
Watch out you guys because this page is So Edgy!! Can you handle?? How dark it is?? Jekyll, like many people, is prone to sudden onsets of anxiety.  And like at least some of those many people, those bouts of anxiety revolve not around great societal evils or injustice or end of the world scenarios, but rather that old solipsistic humbug Hyde was spouting earlier. It is all pretty navel-gazey and unproductive, and Jekyll knows that, but from time to time he loses his ability to sass the darkness away. Hey, do you know the podcast You Must Remember This? It's all about "the secret--or forgotten--histories of Hollywood's first century", and I just finished up their 12-part series on Charles Manson. Now, before this I hadn't had much interest in Manson. I knew he was like . . . some cult guy who murdered someone because that Beatles song Helter Skelter drove him crazy? Whatever. Well it turns out there's a lot more to the story! This podcast uses Manson to paint a picture of the dark underbelly of 1960s counterculture, exposing a whole lotta sexism, racism, and just plain crazy (turns out Manson thought "Helter Skelter" was a prophetic prediction of an apocalyptic race war?? and that his followers, who were secretly fairies, needed to hide from the war in a bottomless pit in Death Valley??). If you, like me, could always use another reason to shake my fist and yell at the general concept of hippies, you should check it out!