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Posted December 30, 2019 at 3:20 am

Oops it's the end of the chapter!! Please look forward to the title page drop for Chapter 9 next week!!

It's been so long since I painted the transformation potion that I had to rely heavily on reference from Chapter 3 (3!!!!!!) to remember how to paint it. 

I saw at least one person commenting last week, "Wow, I didn't realize Hyde was smart enough to plan something like this," which is . . . fair!! Harsh, but fair!! Hyde is exactly as intelligent as Jekyll is, but he's much more impatient and easily distracted, which tends to get in the way of any real planning on his part. But the discover of his new ability to temporarily seize control from an emotionally-compromised Jekyll was compelling enough to hold his undivided attention for the majority of the chapter.