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Page 34
Posted February 21, 2016 at 10:21 pm
Wow you guys. That comment section. What even happened. I am delighted, astonished, and genuinely not sure how you guys managed to break 500 comments last week, but congratulations on whatever witchcraft you all worked to achieve that truly absurd count! And I'm glad you guys liked that transitional panel from last week. There's definitely an embarrassing photo of me doing a reference pose for that panel somewhere in my computer. I'm writing this before I've finished the final touches on this week's page* so I don't actually know whether it looks good or not! Let's cross fingers that it does. Because the lighting work in this scene is so complex--surprisingly complex for an environment that should basically be "everything is in shadow"--getting these pages finished has been particularly rough for me. And it's gonna get even rougher once the real crazy shit starts to go down next week . . . *long story short, my page queue got destroyed over the holidays, so each new week is a fun game of "will I meet my deadline today?"