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Posted February 14, 2016 at 10:15 pm
So this scene is in part a remake of an old animatic I did based off Anthony Warlow's rendition of the Jekyll and Hyde musical. Confrontation 2: This Time It's Snarkier. And In Act One. This new scene allows for my characters to act a LOT more true to their personalities (by virtue of not being tied to pre-recorded audio) but the set I used in the original animatic is cooler--it's Jekyll's old laboratory, a derelict operating theater. It's far too shabby for the present-day, perfect-gentleman Dr. Jekyll, but it will be showing up later on in the story. IRL update: Oh my God, you guys, writing songs is so hard! Without giving too much away, I am writing a song for the current episode of the show I work on. I was super excited to get the assignment because I love musicals and I've always dreamed of working on one, but once I actually started to write . . . AAAAAGH. How to rhyme?? How to meter?? I will never turn my nose up at pop song lyrics again because "He was a sk8ter boi, she said c u l8ter boi" is friggin Shakespeare compared to what I'm coming up with. Hey, does anyone here know how to song?? Also, we managed to break 100 comments last week--in fact, we passed 130 comments!! Granted, about half of them happened because a turf war broke out between two aggressively roleplaying commenters (you crazy kids), but hey, I'll take any victory I can get! Thanks you guys!! :)