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Page 32
Posted April 7, 2019 at 11:20 pm
Quick reader question! For those of you who replied last week saying you had experienced page update delay, could you please tell me if you have experienced page delay THIS week? (Since the cache problem was fixed?) Okay um! As for this page. Despite it being just one big splash panel, there's actually a lot I have to say here. First of all, to my knowledge, I did not see anyone correctly predict what the big reveal was going to be, which is pretty rare! I believe that every reader's interpretation is totally valid, but if you want to predict what's going on as far as Jekyll's mind space, I might recommend that you look beyond the Freudian categories of id, ego, and superego. Some people have interpreted fake!Lanyon as a manifestation of Jekyll's superego, but remember that fake!Lanyon has already stated quite clearly what he is--a strongly held mental image, a concept of something Jekyll wants to become. He's an idea floating around in Jekyll's subconscious, and these monstrosities . . . are something like that as well (though I don't want to over-explain exactly what they are right now). Writer-me kind of wrote me into a hole with this big reveal page. It comes so close on the heels of yet another "big chaotic panel of a bunch of creatures" page that I needed some way to differentiate these characters from Jasper's creatures--otherwise, why would Jekyll freak out now when he didn't earlier? I ended up thinking about, "What sort of nightmares would Jekyll specifically have?" I ended up with a lot of body horror, since Jekyll would have had to survive mid-Victorian medical school. I also happened to visit the Disgusting Food Museum on the day I sketched this page. I could honestly write a whole essay on that experience, but as someone who is not normally squeamish, especially around food, suffice it to say I was squeamed. There were some videos involving snakes and fish that immediately made it to the top of my nightmare list . . . and now they're on the top of Jekyll's nightmare list too! And of course Moreau and the mangled remains of his vivisected monsters take center stage here! By the way, there's a little bit of connective story tissue missing here, but just FYI the black wispy dog-shaped monster who saved Hyde earlier . . . is that big black tentacle-y thing. It's half Lovecraftian style horror, half the maggoty corpse of a dog Jekyll stared too long at once as a child.