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Posted April 14, 2019 at 11:20 pm
There will be a short hiatus for the next two weeks! The Glass Scientists Chapter 8 will begin Monday, May 6th! Shop update!: It seems I've just run out of physical Bleeding Heart comics! Digital copies are still available, but I will have to make a new order of comics, and that may take a couple of weeks to arrive! I will post here when new copies are available! The chapter titles are always a technical challenge for me, but I think this is both the busiest composition and the simplest color palette I've ever done. Crowd shots are always a recipe for disaster, but I think the simplicity of that red column right down the middle helps organize all that visual clutter. Speaking of busy compositions, this chapter will be both a nightmare for poor Jekyll and for me personally! I like drawing scary things but the very title of this chapter promises an army of scary designs which, I'm gonna say up front, I'm not sure I can deliver on!! But hey if you guys stuck through all those extremely blue color palettes in the Hall of Memories I hope you will indulge me as I struggle to make an army of evocative, interesting nightmare designs. Eh heh . . . I've already had to spend a full extra day on a roughs page just handling the monster stuff, which is not the BEST start . . .