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Page 31
Posted April 1, 2019 by Sabrina Cotugno
Important reader question! I've been informed that, when the comic updates (generally at 6:20am PST on Monday mornings), some readers don't see it immediately--some people see it several minutes to several hours late. (That is to say: when they load the site, it displays the old update page as if the new update page didn't exist, until at some arbitrary point . . . it suddenly does.) This is a big problem I want to solve! I talked to Hiveworks and they disabled something related to the Wordpress cache, which may have fixed the problem, but since I've never encountered this problem on my own computer, I can't be sure. If you encounter this problem, please let me know in the comments or on social media! Thank you! So many things are happening at the same time! Not . . . not within the story of the comic, it's actually been a pretty quiet few pages. In real life! Studio meetings! Speaking engagements! I have to go the dermatologist at some point! Ack! Plus, this is a point in time where, for various reasons, I really need to zero in on my creative projects and deliver a good product. And I am so not in that headspace right now. I made a print last week that I think I like but maybe I'm too out of it to judge it critically! I don't know! Anyway, that's going on. In other news, this chapter is nearing its end! Once I get to the end of the chapter and post the new chapter cover, there will be a very short hiatus while I focus on other projects, and then chapter 8 will begin in a couple weeks!