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Posted March 24, 2019 at 11:20 pm
A few more words on the subject of podcasts: As many people mentioned last week, Rachel probably would have a cooking channel. Either that or a general lifestyle channel with subjects like, "5 Budget Friendly Ways to Welcome the Fall Weather Into Your Home!" She may have a side ASMR channel. The Creature does hour long reviews of books you've never heard of. The only visuals are a picture of the book cover. He has five followers and does not want any more. Possibly he does not want the ones he has. I'm really struggling on Lanyon--he has such an intense aversion to showing vulnerability or, frankly, openly admitting to liking or supporting anything that it's hard to think of a niche that would suit him best. I could see him having an anonymous online persona that he would use to craft surprisingly well thought out but absolutely devastating takedowns of corporations or other enclaves of the wealthy. He has somehow created a classy hybrid of thoughtful video essay and drama channel, but the moment any person in the world linked the account to him, he would immediately throw all his digital devices into an incinerator and go into witness protection for good measure. He has no interest in being caught up in a social media scandal, thanks. Either that or he would be exactly Jenny Nicholson.