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Posted March 17, 2019 at 11:20 pm
Thanks to Hyde's mysterious savior, the question of, "Wait, what exactly are the rules of Jekyll's unconscious? What exactly would it mean, in real world terms, if fake!Lanyon succeeded in 'killing' Hyde?" will have to wait for another installment. Fake!Lanyon certainly seems to think that "killing" Hyde will actually destroy Jekyll's so-called "evil" nature. It's equally possible that it would just destroy Hyde as a self-aware, separate consciousness from Jekyll and he would just be re-absorbed into Jekyll's psyche, as though he had never taken the transformation potion in the first place. Either way, it's bad news for Hyde. Um! Here's something random I thought of: If the main cast of TGS had Youtube channels, what kind of channels would they be? I think Jekyll would have one of those very professional-looking education channels like Crash Course or PBS Idea Channel. Jasper is trying to start up a science education channel, but he only has three subscribers because all his videos are out of focus, way too long, and full of incoherent mumbling. His three subscribers are Rachel, Jekyll, and his mom. Unfortunately, I think Frankenstein is some kind of Jordan Peterson style """rational""" Youtuber with three hour long rants about how government regulators put soy in the tap water, so she only drinks "raw water" now.  She has millions of followers and and has flat earthers as guest stars (she doesn't believe in flat earth theory but thinks everyone should have a platform in the free marketplace of ideas).