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Posted May 29, 2023 at 6:20 am

My eternal struggle: Is this person gaslighting me, or did I never actually say the thing I've been thinking about constantly out loud? Or: Did I say the thing but leave out some vital connective tissue that I saw as obvious but wasn't obvious to the other person? Or: Is this person being less of a jerk than I think they are, but I'm so pissed at them already that they could say literally anything and I would interpret it as a personal attack against me? Anyway, it's been a rough week!!

Also, does anyone know how Goodreads works? I was going to talk about how adding "The Glass Scientists: Volume One" to your "want to read" list is a great free way to help me, but then I discovered that there are TWO listings for The Glass Scientists: Volume One?? I think THIS ONE is the correct one (it has my correct pen name and publication date), which is unfortunate because no one seems to have found it yet. I hope there's a way to combine the two listings because it's very confusing as-is (if thematically appropriate for a story about duality).