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Posted May 22, 2023 at 6:20 am

This was a slow week, work-wise, as I was traveling to attend my brother's law school graduation in San Fransisco, but I found some time to tie down my enamel pin design after receiving some very helpful and detailed advice from Clara Kay on Twitter. The challenge here was to clean up the linework without making the image look stiff--IMO, the charm of the original design stems from the loose, gestural take on Jekyll, and I didn't want to lose that by going too structured or on-model. I'm concerned some of the lines will be too thin to produce (i.e. the lettering and fine details on Jekyll's face) and may make adjustments after communicating with the manufacturer, but it looks like we're off to the races!

Just a reminder that you can receive this pin and other free gifts by pre-ordering The Glass Scientists Volume I at the link below!