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Posted December 20, 2021 at 6:20 am

I'm gonna be honest! I'm not great at keeping track of Zozi, or of any animal sidekicks for that matter! Please trust that he's been here the whole time, trotting along alongside Jekyll whenever he's at the Society. 

I swear this happens every year. I say, "This year's gonna be different! I am not going to get rabidly stressed out over work in December! I'm going to actually enjoy the holidays!" And then I don't!! Well, here I am again, having another stressed-the-hell-out holiday season. BUT. One thing that's been making me feel a lot better is reading all of your comments over the last couple weeks. This was a tough chapter to write, and seeing people engage with the drama and everything left unsaid between Lanyon and Jekyll has been absolutely amazing. Thank you!

Finally, a bit of bookkeeping-- It seems like some people who placed orders in the shop in mid-November (say, from the 12-20th) have been experiencing extra-slow shipping times. The USPS is a bit of a black box past a certain point, but I am trying to sort things out wherever possible. If you've been waiting on a package from that time, you can always email me at glitterygothic @ gmail . com and I will sort things out as best as possible! (Also, if you placed an order during that time and HAVE received your order, I would love to hear about it!)