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Posted January 24, 2016 at 10:14 pm
And with that, Jasper's arc is finished for this chapter. He'll be coming back (he'll be coming back a lot, actually) but we need to get Jekyll alone in order to reach our final scene. (For this chapter.) An unrelated but important topic: I have a history of mostly-anxiety-induced insomnia which I've learned to cope with pretty decently for the last five years. BUT for some reason I still have a really hard time falling asleep when I'm sharing a bed with someone (generally: boyfriend or girlfriend, specifically: boyfriend). It's frustrating and makes me depressed, grouchy, and unfocused until I catch up on sleep (usually by sleeping alone). It's hard for me to pinpoint why sharing a bed triggers my insomnia--I rarely feel anxious sharing a bed, but apparently the mere presence of another human in the bed triggers alertness in my brain, i.e. "lalalalala, time to think about this TV episode you saw once, or to obsessively recite the five lines of this one song you know." I feel slightly cramped, too, but that's because I naturally sleep diagonally and sort-of-spread-eagled. A lot of articles recommend getting a larger bed but that's not a realistic option (because: budget, and also a king-sized bed would take up most of the space in my room). Plus, the mere awareness that I have had trouble sharing a bed in the past makes me worried that it will happen again, keeping my brain nice and alert and unable to sleep. Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice?