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Posted January 31, 2016 at 10:13 pm
This section has gone through a whole lot of rewrites. For instance, Hyde's first lines used to be a lot more comedic--at one point he was making fun of Jasper, at another point he was trying to get an Irish folksong stuck in Jekyll's head*. I went with this version because it conveys an aspect of Hyde that (perhaps) a lot of us can relate to--Hyde as the voice of anxiety. Or self loathing. Or any of those persistent head voices.  It's embarrassing to write this way! Hyde is not subtle when he talks. He never conceals his attempts at emotional manipulation. Even his cleverness is painfully obvious (think: high school kid who looks up all the big words in the dictionary and seems to have a fixed, uncomfortable smirk at all times). So it feels horribly un-subtle to write this kind of stuff. But isn't that what inner voices are like? They don't need subtlety, they have a direct hotline to that part of your brain that feels stuff. In Real Life News, this upcoming weekend I'll be going to Vegas for the first time with my roommate for her birthday. We figured we should go sometime during our 20s, but neither of us are exactly Vegas-types (I expect to be cranky and tired by 8pm). I do want to have a good time if at all possible, so I'll turn this over to you guys: Anyone have suggestions for Doing Vegas While Introverted? Also, thank you guys again for a very thoughtful comment section last week! Glad to know I've got some Insomnia Bros up in here. *Hyde is a big, big fan of Irish music and often sings songs to himself when he's in a good mood.