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Posted January 3, 2016 at 10:09 pm
Good news: I got the tickets to Fun Home! It was wonderful! If you get a chance, you should really see it--although realistically (because Broadway tickets are exorbitantly expensive for reasons I don't fully understand), you should really get your hands on the soundtrack, because the songs are amazing. (Note: The song I just linked to is explicitly, aggressively about lesbian sex. It is hilarious but NSFW.) Bad news: I get so bummed out this time of year because of all the "here's all the good things that happened this year!" posts going up. I'm cool with the more general "here's a summary of stuff from this year, good and bad" but the highlight reels!!!! The highlight reels feed into the irrational part of my brain that says everyone else is doing better than me. Then the Social Justice/Catholic Guilt part of my brain comes in saying, "That's completely wrong--whole continents of people have probably had objectively shittier years than you have, and you are vapid and ungrateful." After that, my brain gets into a fight with itself and I end up thinking a lot about the sad state of the world and the sad state of myself while, in practice, not doing much more than scrolling through Tumblr and wondering if I should play that Undertale game everyone's talking about. To balance out all that Facebook positivity, here's a question to you lovely readers: What's one thing you regret about 2015? Personally, I regret just how exhausted I've been this year. This is the first time in my life when I've really felt out of control of my own schedule (because of this comic, a new relationship, longer commutes, a frustrating day job) and that kinda sucks! 2015 was okay--not bad, but not great either. Happy New Year!