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Posted December 27, 2015 at 10:15 pm
Hello! How's it going? I am in New York right now.  I've been in the suburbs for Christmas week but will be going into the city tomorrow on a last-ditch effort to buy tickets for the musical Fun Home. I've been staring at the ticket availability with huge anxiety all day. I'm really hoping that the whole Hamilton craze will distract people from wanting to see a nicely written, nicely gay musical about gay people.* I've been wanting to see it for ages, and if it's sold out, I will really be a Dyke to Watch Out For. OMG. For the record, tho, I would also be really psyched to get Hamilton tickets. I would be so psyched I would start crying hysterically. But I mean, come on. It's Hamilton. (And there's a million things he hasn't done. But just you wait. Just you wait.) But even if I don't get tickets: Fun Home is super awesome. It's a musical based on the memoir by lesbian cartoonist icon Alison Bechdel (of the Bechdel test) about her struggle to understand her relationship with her late father. It's full of feels and captures the strange frustrations of looking back at the past--the doubts, the regrets, the little details that stick with you . . . anyway, go listen to some of it, it's amazing. *queer people, really