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Posted March 22, 2021 at 6:20 am

Guess who's back!!!!!!

Point 1: My gravest apologies to Jekyll fans who have not seen him in well over a chapter at this point. You'll find out what he's been up to in a few pages, but he needs a moment to throw some shade Hyde's way. 

Point 2: This is the page when I remembered "oh right, the Nightmare Creatures basically transform any scene into a perpetual crowd scene." Regrets, I have a few.

Point 3: I recently made a few edits to pages 15-18 of this chapter. As longtime readers may know, I have made no shortage of drawing mistakes to fix at some nebulous date, but I prioritized these pages because elements of Rachel's actions and backstory accidentally ran straight into certain Romani stereotypes that I wanted to address ASAP. Now, I realize that many readers may not even be aware that Rachel is Romani! I've only mentioned it anecdotally online and very obliquely in the comic itself. Even so, I wanted to rewrite these pages to address the stereotypes while keeping the overall emotional beats the same. If you would like to know more, I talk about the rewrite and the process behind it on the updated Page 15