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Posted January 4, 2021 at 3:20 am

My guest assistant for this page was Lucy Xue

Flashbacks are hard to write! I find it so easy to just write out a full wikipedia page for a character's backstory that editing becomes a nightmare. This is a fairly short one, so it couldn't get too out of hand, but I am fully in the weeds writing the final script for the next chapter, which I might have to call "Oops! All Flashbacks."

I finished the outline for Chapter 11 by the end of summer, but since then a number of things have happened to change my perspective on writing and on this story in particular. As a result, some rewrites are in order, or at least some embellishments. If Chapter 10 could stand to be hornier, Chapter 11 could stand to be gayer. Or-- not gayer. Queerer. I'm coming to realize how important queerness is to my work, and I want to embrace that in a way I was never brave enough (or stupid enough) to in my 20s. In a perfect world, I would write the whole comic from scratch with overt queerness in mind, but hey, it's 2021! Nothing's perfect and everything's on fire! I'm just going to do my best!