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Posted February 1, 2021 at 3:20 am

I need your guys' input on something! Somewhere along the line I made a tiny but serious continuity error regarding a small prop. On Page 3 of Chapter 9, Hyde revealed that he had extra vials of the transformation potion stashed away, so that he could transform back and forth as he pleased. On that page, I drew the vials tucked into his vest, underneath his jacket and coat, not realizing that he would be taking off his jacket and coat for the majority of Chapter 10. I have gone back and adjusted Chapter 9 Page 3 so that the vials are tucked into his jacket, with the intention that those vials are present (though not shown) throughout Chapter 9. There's a few panels where the vials should proooobably be visible under his cloak, but I'm hoping to slide by on Animation Logic, where characters possess an infinite amount of space inside their pockets for various props (i.e. Dipper somehow fitting the Journal into his tiny vest in Gravity Falls). 

What I want to know is--does this adjustment work? Are you able to accept/remember that those vials are in his jacket? (There's no beating around the bush at this point--they're going to come into the story at some point.) 

And now for something completely different: Today is Hourly Comics Day, when artists draw little comics illustrating their entire day! I've always loved autobio comics but have never been good at making them myself (something something Alison Bechdel-style fear of the inevitable fallibility of memory) but I'd like to try this year, as long as we're in lockdown. And since Hourly Comics Day falls on a Monday, when I generally sketch out a new page of TGS, I'll be documenting my roughs process! And probably treating myself to some take-out so I have something to write about besides sitting at my Cintiq drawing. . .

Also, I'm writing this two days ahead of time, so either I am posting them right now or have chickened out! Either way, you can see the success or failure unfolding on my Twitter