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Page 19
Posted October 29, 2017 at 11:15 pm
This section was really fun to draw! It's rare that I get to draw this kind of extreme acting for Jekyll. And it might be the first time we see a serious effort to fight back against Hyde . . . ? He gets to sass him a little bit in Chapter 2, but it's immediately followed up by that very silly, borderline yaoi-ish bit where Hyde manipulates him, so it may not have stuck in people's minds. But it's important that you know that the Jekyll of this story is absolutely not here for Hyde's immature shit. A bit more convention planning--in the scenario that I run out of copies of Bleeding Heart during the convention, I'd feel silly if I had absolutely no comics whatsoever to sell. The obvious thing to put on the table is, well, this comic right here, but it's a color comic, it's more expensive to print, and I haven't really got the resources to put together a really nice trade edition on short notice. I wonder if there's a simpler, cheaper way to print out a chapter or two (or four) for new readers to pick up and hopefully pique their interest. I would love to do a freebee of some kind, but color printing really makes a full run of the comic prohibitive (and admittedly Chapter 1 on its own is not that impressive). Does anyone have any thoughts for convention freebees or small items that might help promote this comic? Oh, and would anyone here care for a TGS enamel pin if I made one?