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Posted October 22, 2017 at 11:20 pm
On the subject of cons* again: There is a nonzero possibility that I will run out of copies of TGS prequel comic Bleeding Heart at some point duringĀ LA Comic Arts Festival. Unfortunately this is the one piece of merch I carry that I can't easily replenish--it was funded specifically through its own Kickstarter and has a couple of special features (such as the soft matte finish and spot gloss) that might make for an unreasonable per-unit cost if I were to put in another, smaller order. I'm considering putting in a new order without the fancy features, but that would be a bummer because it wouldn't be as pretty and I would need to find the time to do a few sample printings at other printers (the original printer being a bit too fancy for a simpler re-print). I just wanted to give you guys the heads up since the holiday season is coming up! Sorry for the inconvenience! :( Digital copies of the comic will still be available through Gumroad and all my other merch will be in stock. (H.... hopefully Hyde charms as well) Also, if anyone has alternative options for reprinting Bleeding Heart in a not-bummer manner, let me know!