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Posted July 4, 2022 at 6:20 am

Thank you all for the engagement on the Nicholas D. Bryson question last week! I'm still processing the responses, but your opinions will be super helpful in making the final call.

A lighter reader question this week: I'm thinking of including a couple pages of fanworks in the print editions of The Glass Scientists.  Please note that this is a big "if" right now--I'm not sure if the legal team at my publisher will clear it, and if they do, I'll likely only be able to spare a couple pages to feature people, but still, it might be nice? It would be especially cool if I could feature works in various mediums, like cosplay and, uh, baked goods! What do y'all think?

A minor stumbling block will be my habit of saving fanart to my phone without keeping a tidy record of where I found it. In the moment I'm always like, "Ooh! New fanwork! Time to squirrel it away in my my little box." But that habit is really biting me in the butt now. I'll have to keep a better record in the future, but for now I suppose the best I can do is wave various fanworks around here asking, "Hey, does anyone know who made this??"