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Posted May 25, 2020 at 3:20 am

A couple reader cameos this week! We have Nico Allen and Velo (my colorist)!

Well, here we are, another week of quarantine. What's uuuuuuuuh, what's new, huh? As you may have noticed, we've started a big chase scene here on The Glass Scientists. It will be interrupted with a Jekyll interlude for a bit, but on the production end, it's in full swing. I've lucked out a lot this year when it comes to balancing my work life and my comic side-work. Most of the really difficult pages of the comic have fallen on slow work weeks (read: the entire first two months of the year) and easier comic pages came around when things ramped up at work. Not so now! It's a mad dash for both the comic and work for the next several weeks, and I'm super fucking tired!

Plus I'm massively late on finishing chapter 10 because my editor correctly pointed out that it could, in fact, stand to be hornier. 'Gee, I hope I finish it in time!' I say as I watch yet another weekend go by without any time to work on it.