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Posted April 8, 2018 at 11:20 pm
I'm genuinely surprised how quickly the attitude towards Frankenstein changed over the last couple weeks in the comment section. I get the impression that the change was largely due to her "rotten on the inside" comment, which is funny because I almost cut the line. I thought it would come off as redundant, as Frankenstein has already made her sentiments towards Jekyll abundantly clear, but apparently it made an impact on some people! Speaking of "rotten on the inside," I found a new book about Victorian medicine! It's called The Butchering Art and it is about the state of English surgery before and after the discovery of, um, basic hygiene. It is absolutely disgusting but so, so good if you are interested in learning about everyday life in Victorian London and/or looking for reasons to never ever want to live in Victorian London. Also the audiobook's reader is this delightful soft-spoken British man who is a joy to listen to. Some people have asked why Frankenstein hates/fears London so much, given the general grossness of everywhere back in the Victorian Era. I would point to this book as explanation, as it takes place around the time Frankenstein was growing up. Random image: The disposal of dead bodies was a huge problem in crowded cities, and graveyards were literally overflowing. One particular church attempted to house twelve thousand rotting corpses in its crypt. Miasma may be a dead theory, but there were so many toxins floating around in those days that the air really could kill you.