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Page 17
Posted April 15, 2018 at 11:20 pm
It's random, but I really like the lighting scheme in this otherwise insignificant location. . . . I'm aware that Lanyon and--even more so--Rachel have been missing in action recently in the comic. Don't worry! (Or: if you don't like them, sorry!) They'll be playing a larger role in the story going forward. For those interested, Rachel was not in Chapter 5 at all because she was one of the few Society residents who was not rounded up after the fire. As a London native, Rachel's ability to navigate the city far outstrips even Hyde, and in general, she's way too smart to be caught by those dumb peelers. She's been tracking Hyde pretty much since that night, so if she looks a bit on edge, it's because she hasn't exactly slept much since then.