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Posted April 27, 2020 at 3:20 am

We have a couple reader cameos this week! They are: Hannah Potter and Quill!

Oh my god this is the last comic for April already. We've been in quarantine for the entire month of April. Okay.

I am writing this at about 1am right now? I'd been keeping a pretty good quarantine sleep schedule until Los Angeles suddenly got hit with this peak-of-summer heat wave in the middle of April, and it just messes with everything. I woke up around 6am thinking about work and then couldn't get back to sleep until 8am, woke up at 10 feeling insanely groggy, treated myself to some kombucha I'd been saving, realized that the small level of alcohol in kombucha was enough to really mess me up for some reason (???? I thought my tolerance was getting a little better? guess not), went back to bed, laid there for a long while, eventually had 1000 creepy vivid dreams, like the kind where you're aware that you're dreaming but also can't really wake yourself up and are aware that you're trapped inside your head? Anyway I woke up around 3 and had went out to get take-out around 9, and the air was exactly the same temperature everywhere, in the apartment, outside, inside my veins??? Then I ate a huge amount of pad see ew but I'm still hungry because my stomach is bad. 

Point is, this heat is making it seem even more like the entire world has stopped and we are slowly dissolving in a stagnant pool of slimy water.