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Posted September 24, 2017 at 11:15 pm
I have been very sold out of Hyde acrylic charms for a while now and have been looking to put in a new order. I was very happy with the charms I received from Acorn Press, which I used last time, but their submissions form has been down with no explanation for several weeks now and they haven't replied to my inquiries, so I'm starting to look around for back-ups. I used to use Zap! Creatives but they've changed their production methods several times over the last years and, as of about a year ago, I was not very happy with their printing quality. I've used InkIt! Labs once, and they were fine, but they were a bit expensive and their color quality wasn't as vibrant as other printers. I'm considering trying out Chilly Pig but am a little bit hesitant--I have two necklaces from Hannah McGill printed at Chilly Pig, but they were both monochrome--I haven't seen any charms from them in color yet. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject of charms?