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Posted September 17, 2017 at 11:20 pm
Hey, it's technically fall! You know what that means--it's time for me to make ill-advised Halloween purchases for an overly elaborate costume I don't really have time to make! Would anyone like to take some of these ill-advised purchases off my hands to alleviate my buyer's remorse?? Here's the things: One (1) Black umbrella with a wooden handle and One (1) Pink child's sized umbrella with li'l ruffles on the edges Let me know if you want one (or both) and I'll send it your way! Incidentally, the costume I was trying to make was my child Eclipsa from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. I gave up because I just fundamentally lack the cosplaying skills to make her cool umbrella-with-the-planet-thing-on-top and couldn't figure out an easy way to pull off her dress short of sewing it myself (sewing skills: beginner class). If anyone has better cosplaying savvy than me and would know a good solution--to the dress in particular--let me know! I doubt I'll do the full costume but having an Eclipsa-inspired outfit would be nice as she is, as I said, my child.