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Posted August 23, 2021 at 6:20 am

EDIT-- A reader question I forgot to ask when I originally posted this page: How does one best handle trigger warnings for individual comic pages? The next few pages will be delving into some potentially touchy subjects--specifically, the ways unprocessed pain can lead well-intentioned queer folks to unintentionally hurt other queer folks. I'm not 100% sure if this absolutely calls for a trigger warning, but I'd rather play it safe here. 

A quirk of weekly, serialized webcomics is that sometimes, a full month can pass in real life while only an hour passes in comic time. This is one of those times. For clarity, the "conversation" Jekyll is referring to deals with Rachel's reaction to Jasper's coming out, and Jasper's anxious reaction to that reaction. We last left Jasper in a space of, "Agh! I'm freaking out! Why am I freaking out? I have no reason to be freaking out!" Had Jekyll not brought up the conversation at this point, Jasper would have likely tucked that whole situation away without dealing with it. 

Jekyll's carriage has always had an accidental bigger-on-the-inside element to it, but attempting to fit (almost) all the contents of Frankenstein's attic inside it has finally pushed it beyond its limit; hence, the wooden cart.