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Posted August 16, 2021 at 6:20 am

In which Jekyll throws a dad tantrum.

I'll be back home by update day, but I am writing this post from the airplane back from Reykjavik, which was a lovely town. I could have spent quite a few more days there, price of the....everything notwithstanding. I've been really getting into cafe writing in 2021 and had a delightful time working in a country where it is actually cool enough to sit outside comfortably in summer. I also briefly got to work sitting by an Icelandic waterfall!

It was a bit stressful to have this much work during vacation, but it also grounded me. I ended up feeling a lot less anxious overall that I would have if I were actively trying to relax. (Am I relaxing enough now? How about now? Oh no, am I worrying? Why can't I just be happy? Am I broken? Etc.) I kept thinking of late-stage Jonathan Sims, where he feels a lot better if he takes a bit of time each episode to make a statement (which also makes for a genius story engine). I found that if I stopped pressuring myself NOT to work and allowed myself a could of hours each day of focused writing time, I felt much better the rest of the day.