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Posted December 14, 2020 at 3:20 am

Hyde: noooooooooo you can't be fulfilled with your life of quiet domesticity!!!! 

Patrin: hehe warm fireplace go cricklecrackle 

It's a fine line, but Hyde isn't really offended by Patrin's unconventional career choice. He has certain unexamined assumptions about men and women, but he's not particularly concerned with the Manly Men theory of masculinity. He's more upset by the idea that anyone could be happy sitting at home baking bread when they could be doing cool edgy stuff like running around on rooftops and stabbing people. The ironic thing is that Patrin is much more liberated than Hyde, free from both Jekyll's crushing societal expectations and Hyde compulsive desire to rebel against those expectations. But Hyde is nowhere near ready to accept that.

Someone commented last week that Patrin looks a lot like people's headcanons for Jonathan Sims of The Magnus Archives. The resemblance is coincidental, of course, but I like the idea of a Magnus Archives where there's no supernatural stuff and Jon is just hanging out, living his best life.